Guidelines & Eligibility

In order to assist your application eligibility please note The Anthony Costa Foundation guidelines & criteria for all applicants.

To be eligible for funding your project / initiative must contribute to one of our key goals–

Education – facilitating learning, knowledge, skills, values beliefs and habits.

Health – promoting wellness and forming a state of complete physical, mental and social well – being by supporting and funding research & development in the medical field.

Social Welfare – providing assistance to disadvantaged members of the community.

Arts & Culture – strategies that help to reveal and enhance the unique meaning, value, and character of the physical and social form of a community.

Community Housing & Development – contribute to the wellbeing of communities and households supporting those in greatest need by way of affordable housing.

*To be eligible for funding by The Anthony Costa Foundation you must have DGR status under item 1 of the table in section 30 – 15 of ITAA 97.


An acquittal is the process of evaluating and reporting on the outcomes of funds provided.  Grant recipients will be required to complete an acquittal report for each grant, containing the information below.  This must be completed at the end of the project or when the funds have been spent.  The recipient may be required to hand back grant monies received and will be ineligible for any further grants if this acquittal process is incomplete.  Ongoing funding may be conditional on satisfactory results of the acquittal process.

Acquittal Report

  • Project Title
  • Date Project Undertaken/Completed
  • A brief explanation of the project, the needs met and who benefitted
  • Total Project Cost ($)
  • Grant Amount Received ($)
  • Budget: attach copies of all significant receipts/invoices where possible.  Provide an outline of income and expenditure and where the Anthony Costa Foundation grant has been used
  • Sign off on accuracy by an authorised person
  • Where possible, personal contact with the Organisation by a Board member or person nominated by the Board


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