Our People


  1. Robert Costa

    Co-founder of the Australia’s largest grower and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables, Robert has extensive experience in the commercial aspects of the horticultural industry. Throughout the development years of the Costa Group, Robert managed the company’s asset base and balance sheet, including working capital, liquidity and cash flow. This experience formed a strong knowledge base for his current position as Chairman of Costa Asset Management.

  2. Gary Meadows

    Gary has over 50 years’ experience working in the horticulture and logistics industries. As a teenager, he started working with Costa’s from their humble beginnings as a fruit shop in Geelong. Gary proved a key driver in the expansion of the Company’s operations from that point to the nation -wide network it has become. As General Manager, Gary was responsible for the establishment and subsequent business operations of all the Company’s branches.

    In his role as director of CAM Gary brings all his experience to bear to ensure the Group selects the best assets and that they are managed effectively to deliver optimal returns.

  3. Rhonda Arnott
    Director/General Counsel

    Prior to joining CAM as General Counsel Rhonda spent 15 years as the partner at a boutique Melbourne commercial law firm and during that time headed up the Corporate Commercial Division. Rhonda has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of corporate governance and compliance, general commercial advisory work and worked with ASX Listed companies, large private companies and SME’s across a broad range of industries. Rhonda is a qualified mediator.

  4. David Costa

    After completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree David spent five years in the field of accounting and finance. With this grounding David joined the family business and over the following 18 years he assumed a broad range of responsibilities throughout the organisation which ensure him a solid grounding in management and marketing.

    One of David’s major achievements was his pivotal role in the development of the truss tomato industry, working from his then base at the Guyra Tomato Glasshouse which is the most modern of its kind in Australia.

  5. Elaine Costa

    Elaine has played an integral role in the many stages of the Costa business over the decades. During this time, Elaine has sat on several boards within the Group, assuming various portfolio responsibilities.

    Elaine’s role contributed significantly to the successful float of the Costa Group and the formation of Costa Asset Management Pty Ltd, where she is now a major shareholder and director.

  6. Amanda Costa

    Amanda is an entrepreneur who created an e-commerce business which she has been managing for over 9 years. Her experience includes accounting, marketing and HR management.

    Amanda has a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specialising in Accounting and Commercial Law.


  1. Liza Whitmore

    Liza is Chief Executive Officer of Costa Asset Management and has been leading CAM since 2011. Previously she held a senior management role with the Costa Group having begun working with the Costa Family in 2002. Her experience includes investment strategy, financial management, accounting and finance.

    Liza is a member of CPA Australia, holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has a Graduate Certificate in Accounting.

  2. Todd Devine
    General Manager – Property

    For over 20 years, Todd has been involved in the real estate industry as a Certified Practicing Valuer, real estate agent and property consultant/advisor. His clients have included various development companies; Federal, State and local tiers of government; all major Banks and many other financial institutions; and a range of private and public companies. He is responsible for the management of CAM’s property assets which include various land subdivisions, residential projects and commercial developments.

  3. Charles Condro
    Financial Controller

    Charles has over 10 years of experience gained within the Audit, Business Services and Agriculture Industries. He joined CAM in November 2012 and is responsible for the financial administration and accounting compliance of the business.

    Charles is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree.