The Anthony Costa Foundation

Welcome to The Anthony Costa Foundation.

Making a positive impact in the communities where our families live and work.

The Anthony Costa Foundation is a charitable foundation established to support the philanthropy of the Anthony and Elaine Costa and Robert and Rita Costa families. The Foundation seeks to make a positive impact in the communities where our families live and work by ensuring equity in education; improving community health and well-being; and building vibrant and fair communities.


In 2011, at the same time as forming Costa Asset Management Pty Ltd, brothers Robert and Anthony, together with their families founded a charitable foundation as a legacy to their forebears and an appreciation to the community in which they live.

In February 2017, Anthony passed away suddenly, leaving a huge void in the family, the business and the community.

As a testimony to Anthony’s pivotal role in the creation of what we know as “Costa” and his own invaluable contribution to society and the lives of all those who knew him, the families resolved to name the Foundation in his honour, helping to continue his legacy in the same spirit in which he lived.


The Anthony Costa Foundation supports charitable causes which align with the Foundation’s key areas of focus:

  • ensuring equity in education
  • improving community health and well-being and
  • building vibrant and fair communities

Given the strong ties both families have to Geelong, the Foundation’s focus for giving is primarily on eligible projects and initiatives within the Geelong region and other regional locations in which Costa Asset Management invests.

In addition the Foundation’s grantmaking is guided by the following principles:

  • Collaboration – We encourage collaboration and partnerships – between grantees and others and between ourselves and others (including grantees) – in order to achieve greater impact.
  • Flexibility and Responsiveness – Understanding that community needs can change, sometimes quickly, we seek to be responsive and flexible in order to make progress and have the greatest impact.
  • Quality and Effectiveness – We invest in non-profits that are effective. We evaluate what we do and make adjustments based on what we learn.
  • Sustainability – Both funders and grantees have a role to play in sustainability: as funders offering multi-year support and support beyond grants and as grantees developing plans that take into account sustainability and build capacity into delivery models where appropriate.
  • Balance – We work to achieve balance in our grantmaking by investing in projects and organisations that address immediate needs and support long term systemic change. We also seek to balance receiving unsolicited applications and seeking out proposals on issues and from organisations of interest.
  • Impact – we are driven by the difference a project and an organisation can make for individuals, organisations, our community and the issue. We recognise this change can take time and are committed to engaging with grantees to understand the change they are creating.