Grant Rounds

The Anthony Costa Foundation provides three kinds of grants:

Small Grants and Community Grants are via application (see Grant Round information below). Transformational Grants are by invitation only.

In FY25 the Foundation will conduct a Small Grants Round in August 2024. This Small Grants Round is targeting smaller grassroots community organisations AND organisations that haven’t worked with the Foundation before. Maximum grant request in this round is $25,000. You can view the full Guidelines for the Small Grants Round here.

In addition, the Foundation is conducting two Community Grant Rounds: December 2024 and April 2025. Minimum grant request is $50,000. You can view the full Guidelines for the Community Grants Rounds here.

You can also see information on our eligibility requirements, including our Focus Areas here.

Below are the Foundation’s FY25 Grant Rounds dates.*

Round Application Open Application Close Funding Decision
Small Grants 8 May 2024 19 June 2024 August 2024
Community 11 September 2024 24 October 2024 December 2024
Community 22 January 2025 5 March 2025 April 2025

*Please note grant round dates may be subject to change, please check dates regularly if planning to apply.