Our Mission & Vision


To preserve and grow wealth for the family, our partners and the Anthony Costa Foundation.


CAM invests in quality growth opportunities, directly and through mutually beneficial partnerships, while ensuring that the overall portfolio is robust.



We expect that everyone, in our organisation including our staff, investment partners and service providers, treats and is treated with respect.


We are supportive of each other through “having each other’s back”, but not at the expense of integrity or overall performance. Loyalty is not a right it must be earned.


We are dynamic in the way in which we structure our investments, the investments in which we make and the partnerships that we form.

Courageous leadership

We encourage leadership that results in people taking responsibility for their own actions, stepping up when their opinion or expertise is needed, knowing when to say no and taking calculated risks. Such leadership is balanced by being diligent and making measured and informed decisions.


We always do what we say we are going to do and are honest in our relationships, even if it is to our disadvantage.


We look for strategic partnerships, with our employees, investment partners and stakeholders, that are mutually beneficial for all parties and which provide access to the non financial benefits that we bring to these relationships. Overall this should result in “the whole being greater than the sum of the parts”.